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If you posted bail in Chatham County, you will have a court date in Chatham County or a municipality.  This page offers information for the Chatham County Court House and Municipal Courts within the county.  You can look up court information by case number or the defendants name (last, first middle initial) HERE.  This is only for Chatham County (recorders, state, and superior court); it will not look up municipal court dates (Pooler, Thunderbolt, Tybee, Garden City, Port Wentworth, and Bloomingdale).  To check municipal court dates, call the courthouse that the case is being tried in.

Always consult an attorney for all legal manners, the information provided on this site is for reference only.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about your court date.  Saseen Bonding will mail notices of court approximately two weeks prior to your date.  Please contact our office once your notice is received.

Chatham County Courthouse

133 Montgomery Street

Savannah, Ga 31401

(912) 652-7197

Chatham County Public Defender Information

The Office of the Circuit Public Defender for the Eastern Judicial Circuit of Georgia handles the appointment of counsel for all indigent citizens accused of crimes in Chatham County.  Panel attorneys (attorneys in private practice) are appointed by the Public Defender’s Office to represent individuals charged with misdemeanor crimes.  People charged with felony crimes are generally represented by lawyers inside the Public Defender’s Office.


Chatham County Public Defender Office

222 West Oglethorpe Ave Room 130

Savannah, Ga 31401

(912) 447-4901